Government Marketing and Contract Expertise

The U.S. Federal Government spends over $500 billion annually on goods and services, regardless of the budgetary or political climate. Savvy business managers understand that entering the government market can be difficult, but it can also be rewarding and sustainable.

Interface Incorporated assists companies like yours in navigating the federal procurement process and achieving success in this market. Since 1967, we have provided sales, business development, and contract management support to manufacturers and service providers large and small.

With decades of experience on our team, we can help you focus your business’ capabilities to achieve success with the world’s largest customer. Headquartered in the Washington DC area, we travel worldwide in support of our efforts.

Working with the World’s Largest Customer

Time-proven benefits of the government market include:

  • Diversification for your business cycle
    Commercial and government markets are both cyclical, but these cycles are often independent of one and other. Many companies have survived and even thrived during economic downturns in the commercial sector due to government business.
  • Proving ground for new technologies
    Many of the items we use in our daily lives were actually developed though government programs. Federal agencies also sponsor programs in their budget that test, evaluate, and make recommendations on new commercial technologies. An example is GSA’s Green Proving Ground program (GPG), which selects new commercial building technologies for installation and testing within federal office buildings. Today’s federal government contract may be tomorrow’s marketplace game changer.
  • Profit by delivering value
    Many contracts are awarded on a “best value” criterion, which emphasizes technical expertise, lifecycle costs, delivery terms, or past performance rather than just price. Companies that offer and deliver value based on the customer’s mission are more successful over the long term than low bidders. The government may also prove to be one of your fastest paying accounts. Properly submitted invoices are payable in 30 days or less, and government contracts can be collateralized for commercial financing.
  • To learn how executive level support in government marketing, sales, business development, and GSA contract consulting can make a difference in the way you do business, contact us today