Major Federal Government Agencies

Determining how to get government contracts begins with understanding the government, namely which agencies use your products and services and how they are purchased. This means first knowing which agencies are out there, what they do, and how they do it. Most of us are familiar with the big ones, but in many cases some of the smaller or lesser known agencies offer the best business opportunities. We use our knowledge and relationships within each agency to provide detailed information and introductions to stakeholders for your product or service. Our support saves time and resources by qualifying opportunities earlier on, and avoiding dead ends. There are 15 cabinet level departments, many of which include numerous major activities within them. Department of Defense -Department of the Army -Army Corps of Engineers -Tank-Automotive Command (TACOM) -Department of the Navy -Marine Corps -Naval Sea Systems Command -Naval Air Systems Command -Naval Facilities Engineering Command -Department of the Air Force -National Guard Bureau -Defense Logistics Agency -Defense Intelligence Agency Department of Homeland Security -U.S. Coast Guard -Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) -Customs and Border Patrol -US Citizenship and Immigration Service -US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement -Transportation Security Administration -Secret Service Department of Interior -National Park Service -Bureau of Indian Affairs -Fish and Wildlife Service -Bureau of Reclamation Department of Justice -Federal Bureau of Prisons (UNICOR) -Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -Federal Bureau of Investigation -Drug Enforcement Administration -US Marshalls Service Department of Agriculture -Forrest Service -Animal Plant Health Inspection Service Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Health and Human Services Department of Labor Department of Energy Department of State Department of the Treasury Department of Education Department of Commerce Department of Transportation Department of Housing and Urban Development In addition to the cabinet level departments, there are over 80 independent federal agencies and activities including the following: General Services Administration -Federal Acquisition Service -Public Buildings Service U.S. Postal Service Environmental Protection Agency Central Intelligence Agency Internal Revenue Service Federal Aviation Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Federal agencies use a wide range of contracting capabilities depending on their resources and situational requirements. Agencies may use contracting support outside of their organization such as the Army Corps of Engineers or GSA services to award contracts on their behalf. Other times, they use existing GSA or other interagency contracts internally. In other instances, they establish their own contracts with vendors for local, regional or national requirements.